European Tastes April 2017

By Cathy Gadd on May 19, 2017   0 Comments

Our first Liquidity event for 2017 took us to Europe or more precisely Germany for an amazing array of wines from our guest host Leigh Dryden of Decante This. The purpose of Liquidity is exposing people to the wonderful world of wine & encouraging peeps to drink better. Most of the crowd had no idea that so many varieties were grown in Germany, so for navigating unchartered waters this range of wines really delivered.

Leigh kicked us off with a seriously good organic growers French Champagne - Vadim Plateau Blanc des Noir, which found a whole lot of fans. Coupled with platters of antipasto it was a nice way to meet  greet for our 55 attendees for the night.

This event was held in a new venue Mr Tipplys in Kent Street in their Attic Bar where we had the whole room to ourselves. Sweet.

We revelled in 3 top quality 2015 German Riesling that included Christian Nett Black Label Riesling, the Christian Nett Glaube Liebe Huffnung from Pfalz & the Juliane Eller from Rheinhessen. It takes some effort to get your mouth around the names but these were bone-dry style, fabulously flavoured Rieslings. My pick was the Juliane Eller who was also named 2016 Young German Winemaker of the Year.

These Rieslings were washed down the delish Tuna nori rolls, Crab rice paper rolls & Chicken yakatori.

Leigh has in depth knowledge of the German wine scene & represents a range of next generation wine makers which we were fortunate to taste, so he kept us well entertained & educated.

Next up was a seriously good Julianne Eller 2015 Pinot Gris from the Rheinhessen. I’m not usually a big fan of pinot gris/grigio because they can be pleasant but forgettable, but 2 German Pinot Gris I tried recently really impressed me. Just goes to show to keep an open mind as it may not be the varietal that you don’t like - you just haven’t found the right expression of it.

Then we matched the Andi Weigand 2015 wild white blend with Thai chicken spring rolls, Chicken & mushroom pies & Potato Rosti with smoked salmon.

And finally onto a couple of German pinots – who knew? In fact German pinot are giving other well know pinot growing regions globally a run for their money. The 2015 Christian Nett Paranoia with its funky label was a hit with the crowd with surprising full flavour & body for a pinot. The Weingut 2014 Pinot from Baden was more delicate with lovely savoury flavours that went sooooo well with a couple of my fave dishes - Duck pancakes & Mushroom Risotto.

Big thanks to Leigh for his time with great feedback from the crew who snapped up these wines at pretty much wholesales rates. Given you can only taste these in some of Sydney’s best restaurants it was a fantastic opportunity to try & buy. And for those that bought like me - enjoy!

Seeya next time. Cheers.


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