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Hiya that would be me – Cathy Gadd, nice to meet you. 
Originally from South Australia, I grew up in a wine loving family. Both my brother’s were studying at Roseworthy Agricultural College – oenology (fancy name for wine making) & wine marketing. Often they would pop the cork (back in the day) of 6 or more bottles of wine together for what they would call something like “sensory evaluation”. Now that didn’t make a whole lotta sense to me but with 6 bottles of wine open, why fight it. Hhhhhmmm they call this study????

Anyhow, I pursued a more traditional corporate path of Marketing in the Finance & Health sectors but my love of wine stuck & grew… & grew… & grew.

Soon partner in life, Scotty & I were holidaying in wine regions all around the world, involved in corporate wine clubs, running wine clubs with friends & organising trips for groups of our friends to wine regions for some serious tasting (who am I kidding – drinking) & buying.

Our family get togethers are still like the wine Olympics everyone trying to outgun each other. Of course I encourage responsible drinking & cheers to you if you’ve mastered that most difficult word when you’re enjoying a few tipples – “no”.

Liquidity was born in 2010 when I was working at MacBank & wanted to start something that would allow me to reach a broader group & infect them with the wonder of wine.

I started with a fabulous Vasse Felix tasting, feedback was good & it looked like the idea had legs.

It's run on a non commercial basis – I’m a wine enthusiast & do it for the love of wine.

It’s going from strength to strength – no shortage of awesome wines & wineries to share with you so seriously, get on board with Liquidity & join now.

Cause life is better with wine & I’ll drink to that!


Cathy Gadd 

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Liquidity is a supporter of Project Futures a not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to stop global human trafficking & slavery.