The Club

The Liquidity Story

There is sooooo much great wine available both locally & globally so I wanted to get a tribe together on a regular basis to have some fun exploring the wonderful world of wine.

I also wanted to expand people’s experience & tastes beyond the quintessential “go to” wine - savvy blanc from across the ditch. Nothing against NZ savvy but seriously peeps let’s bring on diversity !

My mission is simply to inspire people to “drink better”

Howdy, I’m Cathy & I confess that I’m a wine geek. I started Liquidity in 2010 as a way of sharing some my great loves – wine, food, fun & socialising.

We hold quarterly wine gatherings in Sydney attended by a diverse bunch of cool people (of course) - mostly from corporates. The word’s been getting around & the events attract both iconic wineries wanting to connect with the wine drinking community & a growing band of loyal attendees.

I love it when people find a wine that they’ve never tried before & even better when someone decides to start a cellar. Yay !

Do I need to be a wine head to attend?

No way. The whole point of Liquidity is to bring together people who are interested in learning about wine, total wine nerds like me, and everyone in-between. The more the merrier.

We embrace everyone & the only criteria is that you’re over 18 years old & keen to have a great night.

So what’s the gig?

Just join here to receive invites to future gatherings. There is no cost & no obligations. Easy peasy.

We hold events quarterly at venues in the Sydney CBD. They’re always on a week night to break up the working week – you know all work & no play etc etc…. And, they usually run from 6-9pm.

When you join for invites to events, you’ll also get the odd special offer when they come through. Nothing like bagging a bargain - somehow they just seem to taste better.

What’s not to love ??

Why come along?

There’s a bunch of really good reasons to get involved. Let me run through a few;

  • Great value - for a night out of great wines & dinner it costs only $55- per head.
  • Meet some new people or hang-out with friends or colleagues socially.
  • Have some fun, the world needs more of it. We don’t take things too seriously...
  • Become instantly smarter when you learn more about wine without it being stuffy or boring.
  • Go on get out there on the edge with access to wine styles, brands & types you haven’t tried.
  • Taste a diverse line-up of wines & chat with some seriously passionate winemakers just hanging to share their love of wine.
  • Impress your friends & family with your newfound wine knowledge when you’re next bringing or choosing a wine.
  • You get to try before you buy & access wines at “mates rates”. Bonus.
  • Be part of a great bunch of people & community. It costs nothing to join & you can come along whenever you want.

No downside peeps.

Join now.